Saturday, May 21, 2011



Our chopsticks are made of high quality natural wood, and each is engraved with the couples names and date or a personal message of your choice. You can even have your names and date engraved on one chopstick and a special thank you message engraved on the other.

Laser technology allows for clean, precise engraving. Because the laser actually burns into the wood, your personalized message will not fade or wash off over time. Natural dark wood finish works with any table setting.

The chopsticks are packed inside an exquisite organza pouch bag for a formal presentation.

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  1. When given as party favors or gifts, personalized chopsticks may be presented in pairs tied with ribbon or a pair of chopsticks may be given in a wooden box or a chopstick sleeve. Chopstick sleeves are made from materials such as paper, foil or embossed fabric, and they are closed at the tip and open around the top end to display part of the chopsticks. The sleeves are often personalized to coordinate with the customized information printed on the chopsticks.