Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Butterfly Chopstick

Classic Chopstick

A classic pair of chopsticks is a wonderful practical wedding favour for your guests. These stainless steel chopsticks when placed at your reception/dinner tables present practical gifts for your guests.Our pouches are specially designed to match the elegance of these chopsicks. Various pouch colours and designs for you to choose and match your theme.

Oriental Chopstick

Our chopsticks are ideal for the Perfect Pair. Make your next event unforgettable. Your friends, workers or clients will love this memorable gift! These wooden pairs include a casing in gold or bright red. Chopsticks measure about 24cm in length.

Oriental Chopstick With A Rose

Why not present your guests with this unique design of chopsticks that are decrated with a beautiful rose? This particular creation has been created for your special event: wedding, baby shower, birthday etc. and they will make lasting memory as the chopsticks stand out from all other traditional and conventional creation. You can choose colours and chopsticks design from wide selection to match your colour theme.

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  1. The wrappers and the chopstick design are adorable, do you know what kind of ink they use for the chopstick? I bought some personalized chopsticks last month that uses food safe ink for designing the chopstick.