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The Chinese culture is ultra-rich with symbolism. Certain flowering plants and trees, specific animals and mythological beasts, the four seasons, legendary gods and goddesses, fruits and food, indeed, it seems that every action and every sound has its own special symbolic meaning to the Chinese people.

5 Bat (Chinese fuk - wu fuk) - wealth, health, longevity, virtuous life and natural death

5 kind of Seeds - prosperity, growth and perpetuation of the family

Apple - 'Ping' sound like the word for peace. Always associated with peace and harmony

Bamboo - longevity and good health

Celery (kai choi) - deligence

Charcoal - a happy post martial life for the bride

Chicken - form part of the symbolism of the dragon and phoenix in Chinese Wedding as it symbolize a good marriage and the coming together of families

Chinese Garlic Chives - eternity

Clogs - career advancement

Duck - represent fidelity in Chinese culture

Eggs - symbolize fertility (after a baby is born, parent will pass out hard boiled eggs to announce the birth; the number of eggs presented depends on the sex of the child; an even number for a girl and an odd number for a boy)

Fish (yu) - sounds like the word for riches and abundance and it is believed that eating fish will help your wishes come true in the year to come.

Garlic - new opportunities coming your way. Sound similar to "counting lots of money"

Grapes - plenty of good things to come and bring success in the near future. It helps to turn bad luck into good luck. More fertility and good infant luck

Honey Dates - intimate love

Leaf Lettuce or endive (sang choi) - vitality

Lime - 'Kat' sound like prosperity

Lotus - 'Lian Hua' in Chinese is a universal symbol of purity and enlightenment. Symbolizes good fortune secured through generations

Lotus Roots (lin ngau) with roots intact and plenty of tubercles - the prosperous offspring desired by the couple as well as longevity of both the couple and their family

Lotus Seeds - blessing with many sons

Multi descendant doll - a prosperous offspring

Noodles - symbol longevity

Oyster (ho shi) - means "good things"

'Pak Hap' - perfect harmony for a hundred years

Peanut - sound like growth. Life pursuits to grow and prosper

Peony (mou tan) - flower of riches and honor, love and affection, feminine beauty and amorous feeling of youth

Pineapple - luck coming your way. Excellent wealth, fortune and prosperity

Pomelo - an ancestor of the grapefruit signifies abundance, as the Chinese word sounds like "to have"

Pumpkin - abundance, prosperity and good descendant luck

Red Cloth - good luck

Sandals - the newly weds clothing

Shrimp (ha) - sound like someone laughing; for happiness and well being

Some Grains - sufficient food

Spring Onion - intelligence

Sticky Rice Cake (nian gao) - sound the same as high. Meaning of attaining greater prosperity and ranking in position

Tong Yuen - a perfect communal relationship

Winter Bamboo Shoots - a symbol of wealth

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The 1st year - the paper anniversary for newly wed and the marriage is as thin as the paper

The 2nd year - the cotton anniversary still swaying like the willow leafs

The 3rd year - the leather anniversary gets a little tougher

The 4th year - the silk anniversary closely knitted to each other

The 5th year - the wood anniversary beginning to get solid

The 6th year - the metal anniversary becoming as solid as metal

The 7th year - the copper anniversary becoming likes copper. More solid then metal and do not rust

The 8th year - the ceramic anniversary becoming hard and beautiful likes ceramic

The 9th year - the willow anniversary as likes willow, not breakable despite of strong wind and heavy rain

The 10th year - the pewter anniversary as like pewter, soft and tough. Not easily breakable

The 11th year - the steel anniversary is more solid than copper and metal. Do not rust easily

The 12th year - the chain anniversary like an iron chain, interlocking each other

The 13th year - the lace anniversary not only it is tough, it is also beautiful

The 14th year - the ivory anniversary like the ivory, it glows and gets more beautiful through the passage of time

The 15th year - the crystal anniversary shinny and spotless like a crystal

The 20th year - the porcelain anniversary smooth, shinny and spotless

The 25th year - the silver anniversary becomes very valuable over a long period of time. It's the biggest occasion since the wedding

The 30th year - the pearl anniversary round and mellowed likes a pearl, beautiful and valuable

The 35th year - the coral anniversary bright red and elegant

The 40th year - the ruby anniversary elegant and far to reach

The 45th year - the sapphire anniversary even more precious than ruby

The 50th year - the golden anniversary. This is the 2nd biggest occasion after the 1st. By this time the off springs have all grown up and the occasion will be more joyous

The 55th year - emerald anniversary. It is now like emerald and is a priceless treasure

The 60th year - the diamond anniversary. It is the most valuable anniversary and is a rare occasion in life

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