Friday, December 4, 2009


The Prohibitons on Marriage.

1) To avoid wedding in the month of the Hungry Ghost, which is the 7th lunar month.

2) To avoid wedding on the 6th lunar month as it signifies marrying half of the bride.

3) When setting up wedding bed, it must be positioned at the centre position and avoid fronting sharp edges of tables, cupboard or anything with sharp edges in the room.

4) After the wedding banquet, the words "see you again" must not be said as it implies a second marriage.

5) When the wedding car passes by another wedding car, it seems like the force of bliss is in direct contact with another
force of bliss, which can elininate each other's blissfulness. The "Ta Kam Chay" in this instance must be sharp enough to quickly say loudly "Nothing is taboo" (Pak Mo Kam Kei) - if not have Ta Kam chay, the bride will have to say it.

6) The bride must be careful not to step on the bridegroom's shoe as it signifies humiliation the bridegroom.

7) The bride are not allow to wear the Wedding Gown back to the bride house and out again on the Wedding Day as it's
indicate the bride will have a second marriage.

8) Within one month from the wedding, the couple is not allowed to attend any wedding and funeral functions.

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