Saturday, August 27, 2016

Izumio and Super Lutein
Izumio Hydrogen Water

1 Box of Izumio Hydrogen Water has 30 packets of 200 ml of highly concentrated hydrogen water at 2.6 mg/l or 2.6 ppm.
Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the world that can penetrate your cells at a mitochondrial level and has strong anti-oxidant properties, eliminating free radicals within your body at enormous rates....

1. Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the chemical chart making it perfect for accessing the deepest darkest parts of the body (mitochondrial cells) where others cannot reach. Every chromosome, amino acid and protein block in our bodies need Hydrogen to build good quality cells.

2. Hydrogen is required by our bodies for organ function. We get it from the air, from water, from food. But less from food because when cooked, there is hardly any hydrogen left. Hydrogen from the air we breathe dissipates quickly. The body needs Hydrogen in ion form. Water is our best source of it.

3. But now there is Hydrogen water - and Izumio has the HIGHEST Hydrogen levels in the world compared to any other Hydrogen product and the Miracle water from Lourdes, France, etc. It is proven that Hydrogen rich water is essential to building good, healthy cells and is also capable of balancing the pH within the body.

4. Hydrogen is difficult to preserve within the body but without it, cells get weak and deteriorate, then high acidity is produced in your system. Thus Hydrogen has also a pH balancing effect on the body not turning acid into alkaline at all, but balancing the equilibrium of the body whilst flushing out acidic toxins through sweat and urine. In short, normal water has been helping us do this all our lives but Izumio is much, much stronger.

5. Open Wounds - open wounds are acidic. When Hydrogen is applied onto them, it reverses the acidity slightly causing pain to lessen. It does not cure the wound but regenerates the new cells to a point of equilibrium.

6. Back Pain and other Organs Pain - same concept where Hydrogen helps because our bone mass, body organs, muscles, they all need Hydrogen. It helps increase bone density too.

7. Skin - Skin is made out of millions of cells but what ratio of cells do we have, good healthy cells or free radicals? Good cells produce smooth, supple skin. It all comes back to the theory of cellular structures and they all need Hydrogen

8. Cancer - Cancer is the result of too many free radicals in the body. Cells that have lost their electrons and gone around stealing goodness from other cells causing havoc and great imbalance within the body, a war of cells within. Hydrogen will strengthen the good army team and with sufficient Hydrogen, they will win the war.

Super Lutein Vegetable Liquid Capsules
Super Lutein is essentially the extract of vegetable essence encapsulated in a sealed soft gel capsule completely safe for babies.

It has more than 11 ingredients from top quality Lutein (best in the world) to other carotenoids from tons of fruit and vegetables that one could never eat in a day.
The capsules can be swallowed or chewed and taste like a mixture of fish oil and dark leafy green vegetables.
If the tip of the soft gel cap is snipped off with a scissors, the high potency liquid (vegetable essence) within appears black at first sight but if spread on a white tissue or napkin, will exhibit the colours of the rainbow, essentially the colourful vegetables that we all need in our daily diet. But how many of us are diligent enough to eat all colours of the rainbow and how much can we really eat?

How did Super Lutein come about?
Naturally Plus collaborated with Swiss Pharmaceutical Tillots (that originally started in London, but now owned by the Japanese pharmaceutical group, Zeria Pharmaceuticals) and Aliment Industry in Japan (largest provider of soft gel capsules in the world exporting to the USA). They are made using the highest pharmaceutical standards.

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