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1) If a pregnant woman eats food that's not properly cut or mashed, her child will have a careless disposition.
2) No construction work should be done in the house of a pregnant woman. Hammering and sawing could lead to an abortion or fetal deformities.
3) Pregnant women should never attend funerals.
4) Unlucky to throw a shower for an unborn baby. The parties come after the little one arrives.
5) Drink a strong herbal potion to ease the strain of labor.


1) After the baby is born, the mother is required to "Zuo Yue" or stay in bed for a month in order to recover from the fatique. She is advised to stay at home and not to go outdoors. Cold, wind, dirty air and tiredness are said to exert bad effect on her health and thus her later life > believed it, it's true.
2) Besides these, the new mother is encourages to avoid cold showering, eating fresh fruit or drinking cold beverages. Instead, she should strive to keep warm by dressing in layers and eating warming foods such as soups or nutritious broths made with pig's feet, eggs, vinegar and/or ginger.
3) New mothers may fill a baby pillow with rice or beans to give the baby's head a "proper" and beautiful flat shape in the back.
4) Tie golden bells on the child wrists and ankles, this will keep away bad spirits.
5) Avoid praising a vulnerable newborn child, as this will avoid attracting the notice of evil demons or ghosts.
6) If the baby continuously crying, place a single pomelo leaf beneath the crib mattress. (to ward the evil spirits)

To annouce the baby's birth, the new father will give presents of red-dyed eggs to friends and family, an odd number for a boy and even number for a girl.

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