Monday, March 20, 2017

CADEAU Lipglow

Why Do we need CADEAU Lipglow.....
Here are four reasons to use a lip balm… other than to moisturize your lips!
1) Preventing the signs of aging
As you age, fine lines around your lips can quickly appear. That’s because this area is particularly delicate and is in nearly constant movement. The best way to fight the signs of aging is to moisturize your lip!
2) Protecting them from external aggressions
Lips are extremely fragile because they do not have any sweat glands or sebaceous glands and only produce a small amount of melanin. The best way to protect them is to regularly use a lip balm. Summer or winter, you should always have one with you! Apply and reapply throughout the day, especially before you step outside.
3) Giving them volume
As a general rule: healthy lips look plumper. In fact, hydration is key if you want voluminous lips. Exfoliate them once or twice a week with a scrub to get rid of dead cells and then apply your nourishing lip balm!
4) Making your lipstick last longer
The first step to make your lipstick last all day? Hydration. Nourish your lips before and after applying your makeup because lipstick tends to dry your lips. It’s preferable to wait a few minutes before applying your lipstick because the pigments in the product have a hard time clinging to freshly moisturized lips.
Convinced Why You Need CADEAU Lipglow...
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

EZ Jet Water Cannon (8 in 1)

EZ Jet Water Cannon Pressure Water Jet (8 Adjustable Nozzles)

EZ JET Pressure Water Jet Gun with 8 Adjustable Nozzles & Built-In Liquid Dispenser
Features detergent chamber that automatically mixes your favorite liquid soaps, cleaners or waxes
It does double duty for you and you can wash and wax your car in just minutes with less hassle
Rotating nozzle on the 8" telescoping arm offers 8 different spray settings
Change between 8 adjustable spray patterns selected by rotating nozzle heads
Powerful jet cleans floors, cars, and windows while spray setting is gentle enough for watering plants
Built-in dispenser to add liquid detergents or fertilisers
Attaches to any standard hose
Dimensions: 13cm (H) x 6cm (W) x 41.5cm (L)
Material: ABS Plastic
Comes with 8 adjustable spray patterns:
Jet / Precision Jet / Mist/ Rain/ Angled Fan/ Horizontal Fan/ Vertical Fan/ Soaker
Has a built-in liquid dispenser
Has volume control
FREE Male Water Inlet

EZ Engraver IT Electric Craving Tool

EZ Engraver IT Electric Craving Tool
Engrave it Permanently label all of your important items! Engrave It engraving tool allows you to engrave nearly anything you can imagine on almost any type of surface: wood, metal, plastic, leather, glass and much more.
Use Engrave It to permanently label and protect your valuables. Safe and easy to use. Works just like a pen.
Engrave your child's lunch box or guard against theft by engraving your MP3 player / phone / tablet / laptop.
Engrave ornaments, silver pieces, lockets, rings and more.
Great arts and crafts fun for the whole family.
Personalize your keepsakes, Engrave It is an inexpensive alternative to costly engraving services!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

House or Car Tissue Box

Tissue Box
Size : 25 x 13.5 x 10cm
Price : RM 26
Postage : RM 8

Microwave Bento

Microwave Lunch Box with Soup Bowl & Utensil Set of Spoon, Chopstick & Fork (NEW with All 3-in)
Price : RM 33
Postage : RM 9 WM, RM 14 EM
Delivery : 1 week
Are you looking for a lunch box comes with compartments & set of utensils?
Here we would like to introduce an Eco-Friendly microwaveable & refrigerate type of lunch box which able to keep your favourite food fresh and easy for your good-self to take out to office, or for your children to bring to school or outdoor activities.
> Eco-Friendly.
> Available for microwave & refrigerate.
> Designed specialty for home kitchen.
> Keep your favourite food fresh.
> With silicone seal that can unpick and wash.
> Buckle style, locked lid – to avoid food spilt.
> Dishwasher safe.
> Suitable for students, office workers, travel, etc.
> Bento Container Material: Food-Grade PP
> Utensil Set Material: Food-Grade Stainless Steel
> Capacity: approx. 800-1000ml (0.8-1L)
> Colour: Blue & Clear
> Pattern Type: Solid
> Package Weight: approx. 0.35kg
> Product Size: approx. 20.6 x 13.9 x 7.1cm (L x W x H)
> Package Contents: 1 x Microwave Lunch Box with Soup Bowl & Utensil Set of Spoon, Chopstick & Fork (NEW with All 3-in)
Fork is not shown in the photo/picture of sample products, as it's a custom packing by adding-in the fork to meet most customers' needs.
(Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ceramic Incense Burner - Little Monk

Ceramic Incense Burner - Little Monk
- Price : RM 60
- Postage : RM 8
- Delivery : 1 week

Praying Monk
- 4 Colors (blue, light green, yellow and red)
Meditating Monk
- 3 colors (blue, light green and red)

All the monks comes with free 30 pcs cone incense

** This beautiful ceramic backflow incense burner is hand crafted.
** When incense cone is lit in the burner, trails of smoke mimics a waterfall/cloud mist on top of a mountain at the base of few times a week after work to help you relax.