Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hair Shampoo

Yuyeh Pomelo & Sandalwood Hair Shampoo in the formula promote the effectiveness of the formula. In addition to the new formula of PRO V-B5, the extracts of pomelo leaves and sandalwood give extra fragrance and enhance protection and softening of the hair. With regular use the formula provides effectiveness to satisfy the needs and requirements of people.
柚叶檀香洗发液系列是添加了全新的PRO V-B5配方和原有的柚叶和檀香的独特芳香,经常使用能呵护滋润您的秀发。同时现在有四种不同功效的洗发液,提供您的顺求与选择。

Hair Fall Control Hair Shampoo = RM 15
- The formula helps nourish the scalp, prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.

Hair Treatment Hair Shampoo = RM 15
- The formula repairs, softens and promotes growth of healthy vitalizing hair.

COD Publika
Poslaju add RM10 / RM 15 SS

Anionic Silicon Skind-proof Car Mat

Anionic Silicone Skind-proof Car Mat is manufactured through an advanced technology that meets international standards. Combining the environmentally protective silicone rubber materials with high-tech scientific materials, the Anionic Silicone Skid-proof Car Mat forms healthy negative ions that emit uninterrupted energy. It also has the best anti-slip function.

Tested by Japanese most advanced Anion detector

RM 15 + poslaju RM 10 / RM 15 SS