Saturday, July 29, 2017


Gripeez Removable Double Sided Super Grip
Indoor & Outdoor 10 PCS
How Gripeez Works...
Gripeez are similar to some of the other products that are available to hang things on the wall, with the main difference being that they work on any surface, from wood, tile, drywall, brick, whatever. This makes it a more versatile product than some of the other hanging products that are currently available.To use Gripeez, you will simply peel off the back, stick it on the surface of what you want to hang, and then press it to the wall or area where you want the item to hang.
You can utilize these for many other uses than hangings things on the wall too:
If you have a rug that you do not want to move, put one on the back and it will stay in place. You can also use it to hang your remotes or controllers on your table or television stand. Or use Gripeez to keep your toothbrush holder in place or in the car to hold up your tablet. The possibilities are endless.
AS SEEN ON TV.Hang any object, anywhere, in seconds with Gripeez.These double-sided grip pads are strong enough to hold up to 5 lbs and keep whatever you want in place until you're ready to move it. For indoor or outdoor use.
Washable and re-gripable over 1000times
Remove easily
Double side self-adhesion
Non-slip double sided grip
No sticky residue
Holds up to 5 lbs.
Re-use over 1,000 times
Includes: 10 grip sheets/ 5pcs

Each pad holds up to 5lbs
Removes easily - won't leave behind any damage or residue!
Washable and re-gripable over 1000 times
Designed to grip where nothing else can't
Great for decorations, posters, cell phones, table, and so much more
Hang anything, anywhere

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