Sunday, July 9, 2017

Eco Laundry Ball

Eco Laundry Ball
Laundry Wash Ball is a detergent-saving product to protect ecological environment and prevent damage of clothes & skin trouble by remaining detergent in clothes.
Product functions:
Eliminates the need for detergent and extra rinse cycles to wash out detergent and chemicals which saves electricity and water
Eliminates mold and pathogenic Organisms
Cleaner and brighter fabric/clothes
Activated molecules (clusters) are released during launder
Prevent skin allergy and irritation
Cleaning, bleaching, and sterilizing
Killing bad germs and saving good germs
Softener effect and static electricity prevention
Size: 11cm diameter
Keep out of the reach of children even though Laundry Wash Ball do not contain any chemicals
Just do your Laundry as you normally would
Use one of Laundry Wash Ball to enhance the wahing effect when the laundry exceeds 5.0kg
Dry Laundry Wash Ball for better performance and longer life of the ball after the laundry if possible
Laundry Wash Ball has softening and bleaching effect itself, but you may use together with softening or bleaching materials
In normal situation, the effect of the Laundry Wash Ball will last for 2 or 3 years after the first use

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