Saturday, May 6, 2017

LED Night Light Sensor

Rechargeable LED Night Light Sensor
Four Leaf Clover lamps Body Motion

Price : RM 50
Postage : RM 9

Body sensors within 3-5 meters.  Infrared body temperature sensor to automatically light up when a person has been in the induction area. Once a person is gone, it will automatically turn off in 20 seconds (this induction is controlled by light sensing technology start function in a dark environment)
- Brief modelling and bright color
- Super energy saving/ Super long standby time/ Super sensitivity
- Portable-light, easy to install, can be pasted or placed
- Matte shade, soft light without glare
- No any extra pollution, energy saving and portable
- With body induction sensor, it turns on when you approach the light within 5 meters in the dark, and If people leave, light will delay 20s to turn off
Application Places: Exhibition room, computer desk, locker room, corridor, kitchen, bathroom, bedsides, etc.
Induction Distance: within 5 meters
LED Quantity: 6pcs
Lampshade Material: ABS & PVC
light Color: White/Warm white
Supply By: Rechargeable
Body Color: White
Product Dimensions ( L x W x H): 89 x 89 x 32mm
After Sales Service: 1 Year Warranty
Self-Test time:  20seconds
Operating temperature & humidity: -5 degree~50 degree, 5%~93%
Package include:
1 x nightlight
1 x Sticker

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