Friday, May 5, 2017

3D Bomb Curl Brush

3D Bomb Curl Brush / Comb
Products Description:
Hot Selling in Japan! 3D Bomb Curl Brush creates volume, curls, and de-tangle your hair all with just one versatile brush!
The brush will catch hair from any angle, 360 degrees around. Any style is possible with this one of a kind brush!
3D Bomb Curl , !
Products Benefits:
- Easy to bring
- Anti-knotted
- Easily styled with a hair dryer
- Create a voluminous look no matter how thin or limp your natural hair is!
- Get natural volume and wavy hair without expensive salon trip
- Can roll large volumes even with short hair
- Super save time
Products Usages:
1. Smooth your hair with the comb
2. Roll down your hair with the comb at the part you want to make it curly
3. Roll up the part plus hair dryer
- 3D Bomb Curl Brush Heat temperature Max. 140 degrees

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