Saturday, April 15, 2017

Natural Pumice Stone

Natural Pumice Stone
Price : RM 30 (Pack of 2 pcs)
Postage : RM 8
Pumice Stone is the quick and easy way to remove rust, lime and hard water stains from toilets, sinks, bathtubs and tile. The scratch-free, all-natural Volcanic Pumice lets you clean tough stains easily without harsh chemicals. The long handle keeps hands clean and sanitary.
Tough on Stains, Safe on Most Bathroom Fixtures:
Discover scratch-free, chemical-free cleaning with Ring X Natural Pumice Stone, As Seen on TV. Think you need harsh chemicals for a spotless toilet? Think again! Natural pumice quickly rubs away rust, lime and residue – without scratching. The long handle lets you tackle tough stains with ease, while keeping hands clean. Use it on sinks, bathtubs and tile to make your bathroom sparkle.
Remove Stubborn Stains in a Flash!
No matter how hard you scrub, some stains just don’t want to budge. A few swipes with RingX makes then virtually vanish. The secret is volcanic pumice stone, which develops a natural paste when gently scrubbed against wet surfaces. The paste lets you easily polish away even the most stubborn stains such as rust rings around drains, sediment streaks in the toilet and more.
Save money on all those expensive specialized cleanings solutions, messy powders and smelly gels. RingX works naturally, and on its own. Pumice has been trusted for generations to remove rust, lime, hardwater and calcium without scratching. RingX harnesses the power of pumice in a modern cleaning wand with a convenient handle that makes it easy to reach awkward areas. As you rub it against stains, the pumice stone shapes itself to any surface, smooth or flat, for fast and effective cleaning. You’ll soon find that it requires much less “elbow grease” than other cleaning methods.
Protect and Enhance Porcelain Surfaces
Because pumice stone is softer than porcelain, there is no risk of scratching. It simply wipes away all the embarrassing spots and unsightly rings to leave your fixtures positively gleaming. In addition, natural pumice is safe for kids and pets. 2-Pack. 9"L.
Use RingX, As Seen on TV, to clean porcelain toilets, sinks, bathtubs and tile.

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