Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Double Layer Sport Cooling Towel

Double Layer Sport Cooling Towel
Price : RM 12
Postage : RM 7
Do you ever feeling very hot during / after exercise and you can only drink cold water or stand under the fan to cool you down?
This Double Layer Sport Cooling Towel is best for you ! It can instantly cool you down when you're hot, it can also absorb sweat and release it quickly to keep the skin dry and comfortable....
Product functions:
Instant Cool
Easily Absorb Sweat and Release Quickly
Durable - The Material is machine washable and extremely durable
High Quality
Non-chemical, environmentally friendly, can be recycled and causes no pollution
Towel can hold color longer than other fibers, your towel may still look new after many outdoor activities.
Product specifications and features:
Color: Pink, Red, Green, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Size: 88cm x 33cm

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