Thursday, April 13, 2017

5 second fix

5 Second Fix UV Light Repair Tool With Glue Super Powered Liquid
Price : RM 18
Postage : RM 7
Brand new and high quality
Flexible, Sandable, and Paintable
Dries Clear So You Can Fix Anything
Not Glue! Super Powered Liquid Plastic Welding Compound
Fast & Strong! Create an Everlasting Bond in Just 5 Seconds
Only Cures with UV Light So You Can Position and Reposition Your Repair
Permanently Repair Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass, Aluminum, Elastic, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Leather and more
Battery info : 2xCR1620 3V Batteries (included).
Package Included
1pc x fix pen with retail packing
Recommended to wear safety glasses and rubber gloves
Avoid contact of liquid with skin and eyes. Wash immediately upon contact
Avoid looking directly into the UV light
Avoid using UV light for more than 10 seconds for each use
Dispose of liquid material safely. Do not discharge into sewer or waterways
Flexible, Sandaled, and Paintable fix pen with liquid cleansers, or expose the tip to other liquids
Remove battery protector before use
Turn off when not in use

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